Social innovation

ESF programmes have a tradition of supporting the development, introduction and evaluation of new labour market tools and approaches. The ESF consequently includes innovation as a leverage for the dynamics of the Flemish labour market policy.

In order to master the risks better a thorough support of the innovation process for the promoters is set up.  The aim is on the one hand to boost the capacity of promoters to crisscross an innovation process efficiently and effectively, but on the other hand to redirect or stop in an earlier stage trajectories which, in spite of good initial ideas, turn out to be not as worthwhile as expected.

For its innovative operation, ESF uses the results of the ESF project “Establishing more innovation” (2014-2015). In 2015, this project designed an ample” tool box”, which is available through our website.
An international conference in this context took place on 26-27 October 2015 in Brussels. You can view all of the presentations here.

On a regular basis new calls for proposals are launched, in which resources are made available to innovate (navigate to calls for proposals:  to see if there are relevant calls for proposals online).


Benedict Wauters

Benedict Wauters
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