ESF Ambassadors 2014

  • 'Work-again' of the Jessa Hospital
  • 'Missing link' of Arktos ngo
  • 'Cooperative pathway' of ‘De Winning’

Work again

The Jessa Hospital has developed a manual for re-integration into the labour market and a methodology to secure a fast, early and integrated professional revalidation of patients facing (permanent) handicaps or participation problems after a disease or a(n) (labour) accident.

Contact details: Luc Claes

More information on the  ESF project Work-again can be found here.

Missing link

Arktos ngo, HIVA-KU Leuven (the labour institute of Leuven University) and Wonen en Werken ngo have developed a methodology (book) for organisations that wish to guide disadvantaged youngsters towards the labour market or an appropriate pastime which takes into account other aspects of life. The methodology book was issued by Acco Publishers on the 21st of February 2014.

Contact details: Ellen Goovaerts

More information on the  ESF project Missing link can be found here.

Cooperative pathway

With the product 'Cooperative pathways' ‘De Winning’ wishes to determine which possibilities cooperative entrepreneurship may hold for the future. De Winning is a cluster name for four ngo’s which have as a common mission the professional integration of people from disadvantaged groups that face difficulties to enter the labour market. These four ngo’s achieve this through setting up a whole range of mutually related training- and employment initiatives. The goal is to coach and guide people in order to turn their capacities and ambitions into opportunities.

Contact details: Filip Vanlommel

More information on the  ESF project Cooperative pathways can be found here.