ESF Ambassadors 2012

  • Stimulating a positive learning environment’ of Vlerick Business Management School
  • Manual for coaching career issues’ of Vokans
  • Social innovation on organization level in a European perspective’ of SERV

Stimulating a positive learning environment’ of Vlerick Business Management School

Learning stimulates employees to develop themselves. It increases their ‘fighting spirit’  and they can adapt more easily to a changing labour market. Vlerick Business Management School  therefore promotes life-long learning. Special attention is given to older employees and unskilled people. By means of a supporting learning tool Vlerick Business Management School makes an overview of the learning environment in companies, evaluates it and stimulates the practice. This way the involvement is increased and a positive learning environment for every target group is brought about.


  • The Learning environment Compass is targeted at anyone who wishes to improve the learning environment in his or her organisation. It consists of a tool box holding the Learning scan, the Learning pointer and the Learning guide.
  • The Learning scan consists of a questionnaire that analyses the learning environment in the organisation in order to determine strengths and weaknesses. Managers obtain specific support to motivate unskilled and older employees to set up a life-long learning process. The disadvantaged groups for their part receive a feedback report holding insights regarding their own learning and learning attitude.  HR officers, finally, receive a view on how their organisation scores compared to similar organisations.
  • The Learning guide for HR officers, the Learning pointer for employees and the Learning pointer for managers have been developed to improve the learning environment.  These have been structured along the principles of a positive learning environment and offer amongst others specific examples of practice and actions.

Contact details
Vlerick Business Management school
Veronique Warmoes
Reep 1
9000 Gent

Manual for the coaching of career issues

Career coaching is a relatively new field of expertise. In order to support its further development and professionalization, Vokans has issued a manual for career coaches and professionals. This book has been structured along the idea behind the career lemniscate. This model takes into account the way in which you personally can develop your career in a useful way and in relation to the continuously changing labour market.

The ‘lemniscate’ model can be used in other services, as well as in contexts such as job application training, pathways to integration, functioning talks and outplacement. In other words, the manual can be applied in every situation that regards  the career.

Contact details
Vokans vzw
Leen Van Nooten
Haachtsesteenweg 579
1030 Brussel

Social innovation on organisation level in a European perspective

Social innovation and sustainable work are gaining importance. Experience from several countries teaches the Socio-Economic Council for Flanders (SERV) that dialogue and communication with staff is decisive to successfully introduce social innovation. To set up such a dialogue SERV has developed, in cooperation with the Competency pool Flanders Synergy,  a number of tools, which were inspired by examples from The Netherlands, Finland and the UK.


  • The definition- and arguments card is useful for anyone who wishes to sensitise regarding social innovation or wishes to discuss it in small groups.
  • The training package triggers the discussion about potential advantages and drawbacks of social innovation and contains working methods, images and presentations.
  • The Social Innovation Theater is a contribution of the Competency pool Flanders Synergy. It is a descriptive and interactive theater play based on ideas from both staff and management.

With this product the Socio-Economic Council for Flanders (SERV) offers opportunities for creative thinking. The recognizability and involvement of the company increases and employees will be more conscious about thinking as a team, learning as a team and working as a team.

Contact details
Brigitte Lauwers
Wetstraat 34-36
1040 Brussel