The ESF unit is in charge of the Flemish integration section of AMIF (Asylym and Migration Fund). The ESF unit has been managing the European Social Fund (ESF) for many years. It can apply this expertise for the call- and project management of AMIF. To this purpose, ESF closely cooperates with the Assimilation Team of the Internal Policy Agency, which also provides the co-financing of the projects.

The National AMIF 2014-2020 Programme lais down the strategy, objectives and results for Belgium. Flanders is applying the European resources in order to improve its inclusive and horizontal integration policy. The resources will mainly be applied to close the gap in employment, the improvement of the access to public services and the setting up of initiatives towards specific target groups (e.g. women, youngsters, …).

In 2015 the first calls for proposals were launched. The European Commission launched a call for proposals for transnational projects to promote the integration of persons from third countries in the EU member states , with a specific focus on:

  • a better integration of migrant women
  • the improvement of the access to work and the promoting of integration on the job-floor


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Lisa Van Hecke
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